Our Story

With a background in jewellery design and manufacturing, Katreenah Jewellery owner Katrina Petryshyn participated in countless markets and pop up events over the years and saw the need for something more. While living in South Africa, she came across a co-op store in Cape Town that sparked an ambition to own her own store; but not just any store!

With an undeniable passion for local and handmade goods, Katrina’s goal was to provide local businesses a place to display their product in a “market like” environment. She wanted the store to be somewhere you could shop great finds just like you would at a market, but also be a place for connecting and nurturing. 

After moving back to Edmonton and enjoying a year off with her beautiful baby boy, Katrina’s passion and drive was at an all time high and in less than 2 months, The Makers Keep was born.

The Makers Keep is a strong community of business owners shaking things up and leading the way in the makers movement! At TMK, you will experience that well known marketplace vibe in a boutique setting.  In addition to creating a welcoming, exciting and inclusive space for our customers, our goal is also to build relationships with local vendors to ensure we are putting forward the best handmade products. We make it easier for the consumer to buy local goods everyday, under one roof! It is a growing trend across Edmonton as people love to buy from local, small businesses, and to know who made their products. That is exactly what we are all about.

Now after three successful years and one more beautiful baby boy later, working momma Katrina runs multiple TMK locations with hundreds of amazing, quality vendors and counting! The Makers Keep is sure to be your favourite destination for all things local and handmade!


Meet The Team


Owner and Founder of The Makers Keep and Katreenah Jewelry


    Operations Manager

    I am a certified wedding and event planner and own a company called All Decked Out Events, which since being part of TMK has led me to expand in to creating and selling items in our stores. I think it's cool how many people are out there doing creative and amazing things, and a perk of being the inventory OP to is to get to know the makers and hear the stories of how they got started in their businesses!


    Shop Manager/

    Team coordinator

    Hey, I'm Treena!


    From an early age, shop local has been a part of my life. Growing up in a small town, I was immersed in supporting community. Some of my favourite memories from childhood were selling my grandmother's paintings at the farmer's market and going around to all the booths looking for homemade treasures. I guess it never left me, because today I am an artist myself and have built my business selling locally.


    Being part of a community like The Makers Keep, sparks so much joy for me, I am honoured to be a part of this ever-growing community!


    Team Member

    I am passionate about people, sustainability and making a difference. I do many things ranging from running a not-for-profit in the agri-food industry to assisting with communications, editing and applying for grants for two other companies.


    Why I love working at TMK: I think it's so important to support local businesses to thrive in their communities. And it gives us a chance to talk about the true cost of of items. Plus we have so many talented people in our province!

  • DANI

    Team Member

    Hey, I’m Dani!


    I was born and raised right here in Edmonton. I married the love of my life on Halloween, I have two amazing little guys that I Kinship foster, and have a fur baby named Mister Woof Woof.


    I am so stoked to be part of the TMK family and love learning about all the different artisans that make up this beautiful company!


    Team Member

    My name is Damara, and my job here is to make sure everything is stocked and tidy. When I’m not working you can find me improvising with the University of Alberta’s  improv team, The Notorious UIG. I also consider myself an artist with my favourite mediums being ceramics and acrylic paints. I love working at the Makers Keep because they love supporting local artists. It’s important that artists have the opportunity to sell and showcase their work outside of Farmers Markets. If you see me working, feel free to ask me any questions about art, theatre or just questions about The Makers Keep! 


    Team Member


  • ERIN

    Team Member

    Born and raised in Edmonton, AB. Essential oil enthusiast and lover of naturally made products. My favourite vacation spot is Salt Spring Island, BC!


    Team Member

    Big time coffee drinker, spin enthusiast and ice cream expert. I am a first year student at Macewan University and a full time busy bee. I’m also a dog mum to Theodore the Chiweenie and you can find us playing fetch at the dog park. What do I love about working at The Makers Keep? The awareness that it brings to the importance of supporting local!

  • JADE

    Team Member



    Team Member



    Merchandiser/Team Member

    Born and raised in Edmonton, AB. I've always loved the arts and creative aspects of life. I love working for TMK because I am surrounded by beautiful and creative designs from so many vendors, and everyone that I work with is equally creative and fabulous! You can usually find me at the dog park with my fur babies Gotham and Boomer 🐾


    Team Member

    Hi! My name is Kennedy. I'm originally from a small town east of Calgary. I have two dogs that I love dearly. I live with my wonderful roommate and attend the U of A studying for my Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


    I keep very busy but still consider myself a creative type. Part of the reason I love working at The Makers Keep is the inspiration I get from artists and makers! My passion for locally sourced and made goods stems from my grandmother and all the traditional danish crafts she would make. It helped me realize that beautiful things have more meaning when they are made by someone you know!


    At TMK, we get to know the artists and their stories which allows us to feel a connection to the products. I try to pass that connection on to customers when they visit our stores!


    Team Member

    Hey, I'm Madeline! Fun fact; I have the rarest Myers Briggs personality type for a woman in the world. Weird right? I'm criminology student. I have a pet cat named Grit, and he is blind in one eye.


    Team Member

    Hey! I'm a hairstylist of fourteen years, soon to be retired! I'm also a student of Anthropology at Macewan with hopes of becoming an archaeologist. Singer of music, dabbler of art, obsessed with history, and lover of life! 

    I absolutely love working at The Makers Keep! Incredibly blessed to be immersed in a world of creativity! I love learning about our amazing makers and am excited to see what they create next. Most importantly, I am a true believer in supporting and shopping local!


    Team Member



    Team Member

    Loves the ocean, not swimming in it or really boating or anything, but just being near it is my favourite. I'm obsessed with Christmas; it is quite literally the most wonderful time of year. Having kids is what really got me to start shopping local; the clothes are way cuter!


    Team Member

    I'm a personal trainer by passion! I love all things health and wellness. You can find me going for hikes, chasing waterfalls and adrenaline, when I'm not working for Mala and Me - which is how I was introduced to The Maker's Keep. 


    I believe in building community and connection which is why I'm a strong advocate for supporting local!